Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union Offers Secure Vehicle Loans

Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union is offering auto loans with low rates. It also provides an array of insurance and coverage options for borrowers.

[COLUMBIA, 6/15/2018]—People looking to buy new or used vehicles can turn to Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union. The South Carolina credit union provides low rates and options on warranty and insurance, among others.

Financing with Low Rates

Whether it is a new or used car, Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union is offering auto loans for Midlands residents. The credit union remarks, “With our great rates on new and used vehicles, we can truly help you save.”

The auto loans from the credit union do not require payment for up to 90 days. Borrowers will receive the same rate on new to three-year-old models. Also, for new to three-year-old models are more than a 100 percent financing for borrowers to choose.

Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union explains that low-rate financing also remains available for boats, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles.

Insurance and Coverage

Other than offering excellent financing, Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union provides a wide selection of coverage and insurance options. These include the following:

Low-Cost Loan Protection – Credit disability and life insurance coverage protect a family’s financial well-being. It can cover loan payments in case a person becomes disabled and unable to work. In the event of a person’s death, credit life insurance covers the loan’s remaining balance.

Discounted Auto Insurance – Credit union members can opt for this insurance. Borrowers can receive up to 10 percent discount off their auto coverage from leading insurance providers.

Extended Vehicle Warranty – The union offers this for new and used vehicles up to 12 years old, with at least 120,000 miles. Its MEMBER’S CHOICE Mechanical Repair Coverage gives better value than other extended warranties.

GAP Vehicle Insurance Coverage – Borrowers can add MEMBER’S CHOICE Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) to their loan for only a few dollars a month. It can help pay the difference between the owed amount and the money the insurance company requires the borrower to pay for a totaled or stolen vehicle.

About Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union

Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union offers more than financial services. The nonprofit financial institution serves the financial needs of its members and not profit from them. The union, however, looks beyond its walls to help its local community in South Carolina. This lets them support worthwhile charitable and social causes.

To find out more about its services, go to their website at today.