Latest Govt. Naukri Website Is Going Live Online

The International Labour Organisation or ILO did a study on ‘how many people are unemployed in India in 2016, 2017 and 2018’. According to its data insight, the year 2019 will witness 18.6 million more jobless people that that of the previous year. It computes 3.5 percent unemployment rate in 2019, which is similar to the last year.

It’s a shocking stat. One of the primary reasons of unemployment is lack of knowledge regarding career prospects. However, the government comes with thousands of vacancies in its diverse domains. Yet, a huge population hasn’t explored it. And those who come across those notifications, the last date of those applications gets expired. It’s a big loophole. So, the bone of contention is lacking knowledge.

The Latest Govt Naukri is developed with the view of removing that loophole. It indeed does the work of a helpdesk. The civil services spirants, teaching job seekers and prospective railway officers along with many more grads and post-graduates explore the internet to catch information what they like to come across. A massive population searches for employment news. So, it serves many hyperlinks to get down to the official job notifications and application forms. Thereby, the searchers get off hassles that tend to hamper their application procedure.

Its owner says, “I also was fond of the government jobs. But, my interest and skills took me into a technical field. From here, I can perceive the challenges that a Fresher or a job seeker faces off. I wanted to develop an idea that could be a time-saving and easy to access while sitting on a couch by the searchers. It’s possible only through a website. So, I worked on it. And today, it’s going to air. I’m extremely happy. My dream is going to be a reality. From here, I can see many candidates translating their dreams into a job in the government sector. It would be a glitch-free experience to explore job-based information in various disciplines.”