Why do International Students prefer Data Science?

Why do international students prefer science?
The current trend emerging from the inputs of many Career Planning & Management Services is that one out of every three students plan for masters in data science. Most of them choose to go to universities abroad as international students.

Exciting career
There are many reasons for the popularity of data science as an option for advanced studies, employability being the foremost of them all. According to a report by University of California, Riverside “Data Scientist” is the most exciting job of the 21st century. We are sitting on close to 4.4 trillion gigabytes of data today which is only augmenting every minute. Logically, the need for qualified and trained data scientists is paramount. Insights from job trends from various sources point to the gap in demand and supply for data scientists. This is a widely advertised phenomenon which encourages students to apply to multiple Universities abroad for Masters Programs in Data Analytics and Big Data.

University curriculum
International universities allow for project based curriculum. They also enable options to pick and choose course modules that a student would want to master in. For instance, if one wants to excel in predictive analytics alone, he/she can choose modules that help to develop deeper insights into this specialization. Likewise, international universities allow space for balancing career interests that seem divergent but can compliment. In this specific case of data analytics, it can be a combination of advance programming along with statistical analytics.

Advanced Exposure
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer class room concepts. They impact our lives in the most intimate way on a daily basis. AI powered electronics, equipment, cars, medical equipment are the norm of the day. Machine learning is applied to provide suggestions to our e-commerce shopping patterns. Fitness companies apply machine learning to suggest diets based on our lifestyle which is fed into smart instruments we use regularly. An international degree in data science provides the necessary exposure to align with such rapid changes due to technology.

Research opportunities
Research opportunities in masters is key to the success of the program and student both. Access to cutting edge technology and advanced research methodologies in international universities helps test concepts learnt in class room in real life situations. Best of the universities abroad like CMU, Stanford and Columbia invest heavily in research facilities. Funding available for student research enables sustenance of practical application studies.

Networking opportunities
Industry academia interaction promoted in many international universities leads to ideation platforms that have the potential to result in innovative products and services. The synergy between students and potential hiring companies gets into action while one is still studying.

Global recognition
International universities have international recall value. Masters in data science from a university abroad broadens the horizon of using it for oneself. Jobs, research opportunities open up across a range of countries due to the value of the degree. International students are accepted to have honed life skills beyond class rooms that add to the cultural richness, integrity and diversity of any recruiting entity.